About Redonda Motors

João Barranca

Redonda is a company located in Coimbra - Portugal that dedicates to customizing bikes. Redonda includes: Redonda Motors, which dedicates to customizing bikes for daily use, usable on public roads; Redonda Racing, which dedicates to building bikes for road racing or off-road; and more recently Eco Redonda, which develops projects for electric bikes.

JP Barranca is the mentor and leader of the Redonda team. Passionate for the motorcycling world, early in time devoted himself to the restoration of bikes.

In the last, complemented with his academic studies in Engineering, he has dedicated himself to building and customizing bikes, concerning to embrace various aspects of motorcycling.

Redonda idealizes and builds its own projects, but also dedicates to the idealization and / or construction of someone’s projects with or without a starting base.

About Redonda Motors
About Redonda Motors About Redonda Motors
About Redonda Motors
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